Mediterranean Apartments of New Construction in Punta Prima

Mediterranean Apartments of New Construction in Punta Prima

Mediterranean Apartments of New Construction in Punta Prima



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ID de la propiedad :


Cuartos de baño
93 sq mt
Año de Construcción
New Construction


This is a Mediterranean development, located in the Punta Prima area of Torrevieja. All the properties are built using only good quality materials and have a variety of views to choose from; the communal swimming pool, the communal garden area or towards the sea. The architecture is specifically designed to suit the surroundings.
The development consists of apartments of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (93 m² with terrace of 16 m²) and 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (126 m² with terrace of 15 m²). Each property comes with underground parking space and store room. All the apartments have air conditioning, double glazing and security doors, and are finished with designer brands of fixtures and fittings. Also included is terrestrial and satellite dish.
Located near the beach, Punta Prima is an urbanization of apartments, townhouses and villas 5 km to the south west of Torrevieja. El Altet International Airport (Alicante) is only 45 minutes away, and San Javier Airport (Murcia) is only 30 minutes to the south.
Prices from € 229.000
The price will vary according the height and typology of the house.

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