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The idea for the company “INVESTURISMO” came with the need for professional services and support in all transactions of properties to serious and demanding customers.

A distinctive feature of the company became an individual approach to each client. We love our job! The proof, the state of the company and positive feedback from our customers as well as the customer base and, of course, only the best of real estate in prestigious area comfortable for living and relaxing country.

INVESTURISMO offers not only those properties worthy of the attention of the most demanding customers, but we also consider the quality and geographical location of the property and the area preferred by the social factor. In our property portfolio, we always have cheap luxury properties and good quality properties , located on the coast.

We also offer unique properties, information on sales, which is not known but it will be interesting, especially for a limited number of customers.


We are happy to find you in Spain!

While you are thinking to visiting us, our staff has already organized a route, choosing the best properties that will surely interest you.

The company Investurismo has a lot of banking partners throughout Spain, which specialize in mortgage loans.

Working with professionals, you will not have problems with property records, obtaining necessary documents for real estate.

The company has sales service to our customers. If you are our client you gets a new friend.


You have questions? Make necessary questions and our specialists respose you inmediatly.

Contact dates

Our agents will help in booking hotels or apartments while looking for your dream home. Will pick you up at the airport, they will organize a trip inpection of interested area and will accompany you throughout the process until you get the selected housing